Dog Grooming - Services.

Full Groom:

Bath, brush out, blow dry, clip, style, nails

Full groom is the complete pamper treatment for your cherished dog. They will be bathed using only professional products, blow dried and brushed out* before being clipped and scissor styled. Nails trimming is included if necessary.

Your pet’s coat will not only look and smell wonderful but feel strokably soft.

Full scissor grooms are available for suitable breeds but are charged at a higher rate to reflect the extra time required.

*Brushed out does not mean de-matting.

Dog grooming Haywards Heath

Bath & de-shed:

Bath, blow dry, de-shed and nails

A treatment for double coated breeds to remove dead coat and reduce shedding.

Dogs will be bathed using professional products designed to aid the process, blaster dried to remove and loosen dead coat, brushed out with a hair removal tool best suited to their individual coat and have nails trimmed where necessary.

Owners out there with double coated breeds will know the frustration of shedding in your home. When used regularly this treatment will remove the majority of loose undercoat and hopefully cut down on the vacuum cleaning!

Dog grooming Haywards Heath

puppy grooms cover a range of  services that you can choose from, such as bathing your puppy, cutting their hair, checking their eyes and ears to make sure they are clean, checking their nose to make sure it is moist and not cracked, and cleaning out their paws.

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